Parent Handbook

Effective January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017

Hours of Service:

My business hours are 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM.  Drop off time before my business hours or pick up time after these hours must be prearranged and only on an occasional basis.  I am committed to providing a quality experience for your child while they are in my care, but it is also important that I have time to recharge with my family.  As such, an overtime charge of $1.00 per minute per child will be assessed starting at 5:30 PM if it was not prearranged you would be late for pick-up.


When we meet to consider having your child join my daycare, I’ll ask for input regarding your child’s preferences, personality and current schedule so we can plan the best way to integrate your child into the group.  Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have in regards to any aspect of my daycare.

Prior to admission, I must be provided with your child’s immunization record indicating that children are up to date with all recommended immunizations.  Children who are not up to date on their immunizations may not be accepted into care.

Every new child begins on a two week trail basis.  During this two week period, the parents or the provider are allowed to give a one day notice to terminate care on the basis of not being a “good match”.  After the trial period, a 30 day notice is required for either party to terminate care.  If you decide not to use the last 30 days of care, you are still required to pay the fee.

Holding Fee:

This fee guarantees a spot for a specified date and age of child.  This fee is non-refundable should alternate arrangements be made by you.  The amount is equal to one week’s pay rate and will be credited to fees owed the first week you begin daycare.

There is a $50 fee per child at the start of care.  This fee is used to purchase nap mats, painting smocks, and other needed items during your child’s time in care.


I am required to have certain written information and permissions on file in order to care for your child.  I will provide you with the appropriate forms and ask that they be returned on or before the first day of care.  Please notify me of any updates as they occur.  Information regarding your family is kept private except for the reporting I must do to my licensing agent.  I am also required by California Law to report any suspected child abuse to Social Services.  This includes physical, emotional and sexual abuse, as well as neglect.


I will take up to two weeks of vacation each year.  I send out e-mails to notify you of my time off with plenty of notice.  These two weeks are paid vacations.  Payment is due the Friday before my vacation.

I am aware of how difficult it is to find childcare and take closing very seriously.  However, there may be days I need to close if myself or my own children are sick.   If this should occur I will make every effort to have an alternate childcare provider here and available for your children.  If that is not possible, I will give you as much notice as I can, and will prorate your fees for the following week to account for the day missed.

Paid Holidays:

The following holidays are considered paid, contracted holidays:

President’s Day, Good Friday, July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

When these holidays fall on a weekend, I’ll take either the Friday before or Monday after as the paid holiday.

Sick Child Policy:

I will notify you if your child becomes ill during the day.  This includes, but is not limited to, a fever of 101 degrees or more, vomiting, diarrhea or a rash other then a diaper rash or heat rash.  Please do not bring your child to daycare if they have suffered from any of these symptoms within the past 12 hours.  If your child needs to be on a special diet due to illness, please send those items along with your child.

Please notify me immediately if your child has been exposed to a contagious disease or diagnosed with a serious illness or medical condition so that I can alert the other parents, even if this illness did not occur during daycare hours.


Meals will be served at the following times:

Breakfast:  8:00 AM

Lunch:  12:00 PM

Snacks will be served mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Infant formula: If you have an infant using formula, you have the option to provide the formula yourself and at least 4 clean bottles each day labeled with your child’s name.  If you choose not to provide formula, we will provide infants with Kirkland brand formula as part of the Child Nutrition Program.


Children 4 years old and under are required to lie down in the afternoon at our scheduled nap-time.  While they are not required to sleep, all children are required to lay down and take a quiet time.  If they are not able to sleep, children will be provided with books and quiet activities.

Infant nap times are 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM.  If this is not their normal nap time at home, infants will follow their schedule from home until they are able to transition.  I would encourage you to begin transitioning to this schedule at home as a consistent nap time for all infants in care allows children to be well rested during quiet times, and to participate fully in daily activities.

Personal Items:

Each child is required to have the following items:

A change of clothes in case of accident.

Diapers for those children not yet potty trained.

Formula and 4 clean bottles for infants, labeled clearly with their name.

Ointments (Ex: Desitin, etc)

To prevent forgetting items or having a bundle of items to carry in daily, you may leave supplies in your child’s cubby.  All items should be marked with your child’s name.  You will be notified when supplies are running low.

Please apply sunscreen to your child before dropping them off for the day, and be sure that your child wears closed toes shoes to help prevent injuries.

Toys from home:

Please do not send toys from home with your children.  If your child has a blanket to sleep with you may send that, or have a special blanket left here in the child’s cubby for use at naptime.

Toilet Training:

Toilet training is an important developmental milestone for children and one that you and I will work together on.  Consistency between home and daycare is vital.  When you feel your child is ready to start potty training please notify me and we will discuss how to best meet your child’s needs.

During toilet training, please consider that dressing your child in one piece outfits or using pants with difficult snaps can delay your child getting to the potty quickly if needed.  Take this into consideration when dressing your child during the potty training phase.  Be sure to provide several extra outfits in case of accidents.


I use positive discipline techniques to make my expectations clear, using reminders and redirection.  If needed, I will utilize time outs or loss of privileges.  There will be no use of physical discipline.  Routine problems will be brought to your attention so that we can work together to support your child in addressing the problem behavior.


Smoking is prohibited in my home during daycare hours.  Please do not smoke on my property.  Due to concerns regarding 3rd hand smoke, children arriving in clothing that smells of smoke will be subject to discharge from care in consideration of the health of the other children.

Grievance Policy:

If you are unsatisfied with my services or policies, please feel free to communicate these concerns with me at any time.  If you believe there is a concern that warrants further investigation or oversight, you may contact Community Care Licensing at (619) 767-2200.


Tuition is due every Friday to cover the upcoming week of care.  There is a $10 per day late fee if tuition is not paid on time.  Fees are charged by the day, not the hours that children are in care.  There will be no change in fees due to your child’s absence.

Tuition can be paid by cash, check, or online payment.  If a check is returned for any reason, you are responsible for any fees incurred.  After 2 checks are returned, all further payments must be made in cash.  Non-payment or consistent late payment is grounds for termination.

Payment may be made online using paypal, however any fees incurred will be added to your total amount due.

I reserve the right to change tuition fees and/or policies.  Written notice of any changes will be provided to you 90 days before they take effect.

By signing this contract, you agree to give at least 30 day notice before terminating care or paying the 30 day fee to terminate immediately.

See above for holding fees assessed.