Sugar & Spice Daycare strives to give your child ample opportunities to grow through creative and imaginitive play.  By utilizing a schedule that includes reading, singing, dancing, outside time, and art; children are growing their social-emotional, cognitive, and physical skills.

Sugar & Spice also utilizes the Mother Goose Time Curriculum to ensure that childrens’ literacy, reasoning, and creative developmental needs are being met.  Mother Goose Time is a research based preschool curriculum.  Through this curriculum you will receive a family information guide at the time of your child’s enrollement in care.  Additionally you will receive monthly newsletters summerizing what your child is learning, progress reports to clearly depict your child’s growth and development while in care, and access to online support to continue your child’s education at home.

Learning is tailored to meet the needs of each age group we serve, including our youngest infants!  Through the use of the new “Experience Baby” curriculum, infants ages 3 – 18 months engage in relationship building activities that support our youngest children’s growth and development.

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Curriculum Supplements

Mr. Doodle’s Music Class – Every other Tuesday Mr. Doodles joins our group from 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM and does music and dancing with the kids.  He bring an array of instruments which the kids get a chance to try playing.  This is a fun and educational supplement to our daily routine and we are so thankful for the opportunity our kids have to participate in learning through music!  The cost of these lessons are included in your child’s tuition.

Tumble Gym Bus – Every Monday from 3:45 PM – 4:15 PM the Tumble Gym Bus visits Sugar & Spice Daycare!  This is an optional supplement for our kids ages 2+.  The kids develop gross motor skills while having a blast jumping, balancing, swinging, etc.